Preparing your package for shipment

Preparing your package for shipment

Package Labeling

Please include the recipient’s business name, complete address (including suite number) and individual phone number/extension.

Be aware that some businesses in office towers have a specific floor for deliveries that may differ from the recipient’s own floor. Including pertinent pieces of information such as that helps us deliver your package more precisely.
The well-delivered package is one that gets directly to the recipient. As a fallback, getting it to someone and passing along the detail of who it is going to. This really helps in the process.


At ASAP Courier Service, we strive to deliver your package as quickly and safely as possible. Please help us by ensuring that your items are adequately protected. Posters, prints and important drawings should be placed within a cardboard roll or proper envelope. Delicate or valuable items should be properly padded and protected.

preparing your shipment

The Post It Note

A common labeling technique by users is slapping a post it note on the shipment with the details. This is fine, just remember that the courier will be putting this package with others, in the cargo area of their vehicle, or in their messenger bag. Also, they will leave your home or office and venture out into the elements. A stiff breeze is the enemy of the hastily applied post it note!
If you are going this route, supplement the post it note with a dab of tape to secure it. We want to ensure your package arrives safely.

ASAP delivers the best express service at an affordable price. For fast and reliable service, call us and the nearest professional will arrive promptly to solve your delivery problem.

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preparing your shipment

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