Frequently Asked...

Frequently Asked...

Frequently Asked Questions

Below you will find the most asked questions about Courier Service in the San Francisco Bay Area.

We don’t schedule exact pick up/delivery times, however we can set up a RUSH pickup/delivery window as narrow as 30 minutes to an hour for most for service. Exact timing depends on package location, the proximity of the nearest courier and amount of advanced notice given. We can always call you ahead of time with ETA, when requested.

Your package should be labeled so that it is not only identifiable by the courier who comes to pick it up, but also for the recipient that it is intended. The best way is to address it like you would if you were mailing it. Keep in mind that a courier often carries multiple packages simultaneously and also that the location you are sending to may be receiving multiple packages for many different people each day.

Yes. We wouldn’t have it any other way! ASAP Courier Service carries a comprehensive commercial liability insurance package, including cargo insurance, for all our delivery services. We also provide our couriers with healthcare and workers comp benefits so we can maintain a healthy and dependable service for our customers.

No. Unlike services who “crowd source” their deliveries to part timers or online user profiles, ASAP Courier Service believes in strictly using experienced couriers who are dedicated to their trade. We accept the responsibility of employing full time couriers and providing them with full benefits and a great work atmosphere, and thus providing you with a solid team of caring professionals who love to be good at what they do.

That is the time frame in which the pickup AND delivery will occur. The clock starts ticking from the time your order is READY for pickup. For example, if you request a pickup ready at 1 PM on a 2 hour service, we will have the package picked up and delivered between 1 – 3 PM. Most 2 hour jobs are picked up within the hour but can be picked up in as little as 5 minutes. Times will vary. If you need a smaller window for either the pickup or delivery, then RUSH service will be required.

Your items should be packaged in a manner that would protect them to your satisfaction. We are NOT a packing and shipping company. If you do not want something to be scratched or bent, then you must do all the wrapping and reinforcing necessary to sustain travel by a bicycle or cargo van. Example: Glass and mirrors should be wrapped in bubble wrap or similar. If you have several items thrown loosely into a box, expect them to rattle around some. If you are sending a bare / unpackaged item, you are accepting the risk involved in doing so. This being said, we will ALWAYS be careful and do our best to maintain the condition of the items that we carry. Please understand that if a job is booked on a standard or same-day service, it will likely be carried with other packages for extended periods of time.

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